Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bryn Mawr School Reunion Banner March, May 2008

"Come, let us gather with hearts that are glad and with voices full and free
To sing the praise of the school we love...long life Bry Mawr, to thee!
We'll sing thy praises in field and in sport, thine honor, prowess, might.
Here is a cheer for each girl in they halls, true to the gold and white.
Here's to each class that ever had been and here's to each class to be;
May they all hold thy love in their hearts and bring new fame to thee.

I've been longing to carry the 1948 banner for 61 years, and last I got my chance!  To the piano strains of the "Aida" march, our band of 7 (out of a class of 27) stepped out to lead the 850 students who followed that May day. I have lasting impressions of this tradition and hope that my progeny will enjoy similar ones.  There is nothing like being able to re-create the scene in your mind, communicate with someone who shared it, laugh and sometimes cry!